The seminar will be a comprehensive review of the Trust Tax Return document and its correct preparation. It will include an explanation of the importance of the trust document and understanding of how the trust is set up. The seminar will discuss selecting the proper year end for the trust, the type of trust, and determining the includable income and deductible expenses allowable by the trust. Determining income in respect of a decedent will also be a topic covered in this worthwhile presentation.


  • FREE continental breakfast and hot buffet lunch on site.
  • Pre-seminar coffee, tea, juices, assorted muffins, bagels, Danish and doughnuts.
  • Morning and afternoon break beverages.
  • Different lunch entre√© each day.
  • A hot buffet lunch featuring two hot entrees, dessert and beverage.

Course Program Numbers:
BDGH2-00038-16-I (8 hours CE Federal Tax Legislation)

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